ALL about health


I used to think “Health” means no sickness, feeling good, and it’s more like an individual issue. But when I really getting to know this area last semester, I found that all of things around us would affect our health, everything in the community is all about health. 

That is the insight I've learned so far. 

In the “Harlem First” project, our group’s topic is “people” which means we need to figure out what kind of relationship between “people” and “health”. It was a really broad topic but just because of it we realised that when we want to see the connection between people and health, we need to step back and see the whole map of people’s life. 

We took 100 photos of people’s hands. We talked to them and tried to know them and the community they living. As researching, we found that there are a lot of elements may affect people’s health, not only smoking, diet and physical activity habits but also the educational attainment, income, and a lot of factors but we usually not notice. In addition, physical and social environments in the community also can have big health effects. The pollution, crime, and lack of access to health care… It seems including everything. So when Carmen Quinones said “… everything you do is about health.” on Harlem First Panel, I was so excited and thought that “Yes! That is exactly what in my mind now!”

And this semester in communication class, we are working with City Health Works, a non-profit in Harlem, to pay more attention on health area in a community perspective. For me it’s like a continuation of “Harlem First” project and also a good opportunity to getting to know more of health system based on this neighbourhood.